Peregrine News 2016

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Screen image from day after ringing, Tue 24 May, chicks 3 weeks old.

For new update 29 May, scroll to bottom. The breeding season for our resident Peregrine Falcon pair nesting high in the Spire of St Michael's, Mount Dinham, has begun. A couple of days later than in recent years, the first egg was observed by Nick Dixon to be laid at 7.07am…

Egg Sighting News

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Apr22 update - our female and male Peregrines have been incubating their eggs, 4 in total, for a month now, and we estimate the "due date" for hatching to be around 29-30 April; just a week to go, so keep watching. It seems there is another younger female in the…

Peregrine News I

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I was hoping to call this first Peregrine blog of the 2015 season "egg sighting news", but it's been relatively quiet in the box up till now, just sleeping there overnight and preparing an impressive scrape, with the action so far happening outside the box, as a third Peregrine has…