Peregrines Progress 2018

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Thurs 24 May. Peregrine News from the 'Ringing Chamber' below the Spire at St Michael's is that just shy of 3 weeks old our 2 Peregrine chicks have been ringed (colour rings VF & VG), weighed (680 & 690 grams) and measured (both showing good size and developement) and confirmed…

Peregrine Fledging 2016

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In case you've not been following this year's fledging on Twitter, here's the news in brief so far. Juvenile with leg ring PG fledged early Mon 13 June, exactly 42 days after hatching. He flew a bit, got mobbed by gulls, was found in an Exeter College car park, and rescued…

June 2016 at St Michael’s

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Our 2 Peregrine chicks are well on the way to fledging mid-June; watch them online. While May had all the Festivals (Rogation, Ascension, Pride, Pentecost, Trinity & Corpus Christi), June still has plenty to offer, so we hope to see you at St Michael's. At 6pm each Tuesday and Thursday, there…

Peregrine News 2016

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Screen image from day after ringing, Tue 24 May, chicks 3 weeks old.

For new update 29 May, scroll to bottom. The breeding season for our resident Peregrine Falcon pair nesting high in the Spire of St Michael's, Mount Dinham, has begun. A couple of days later than in recent years, the first egg was observed by Nick Dixon to be laid at 7.07am…

Fledging 2015

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End of June update - A fortnight or so on from fledging and, as far as one can tell, our two juveniles are becoming strong, confident young Peregrines learning their skills in the sky over St David's and returning to the church, though not needing to use the nest box,…