Summertime @ St Pythag’s

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Another affectionately humorous view of the Church refracted through the satirical prism of St Pythagoras & All Angles. St Pythag's Choir had a wunderbar visit to Hannover, home of our King George I and Leibniz, inventor of calculus and chocolate biscuits, Brunswick, home of Caroline consort of George IV, and…

Choir Tour Blog

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Verily, deep in the Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger were glad to be on an Expotition to find the Central Orb.

A further update with pictures; scroll down for previous postings. Exeter - Wednesday 29 July. For another album of pictures, from Adam & Marianne, please click on this link: Tour_Photos_AC. Montag 27 Juli - After an excursion to picturesque Goslar and Wernigerode, trying to avoid the showers, my host and…