John Hughes Memorial Lecture

Hosted by: St Michael's Lectures - Dr Ed Skidelsky

Wednesday 22nd November at 7.30pm will see the inaugural John Hughes Memorial Lecture.

Dr Edward Skidelsky from the Department of Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Exeter will be speaking on the subject “How can believers talk to unbelievers about God?”, one of many concerns close to John Hughes’ heart.

Dr Skidelsky writes:- Many people think of the Christian faith as something to be defended by means of arguments and proofs. John Hughes was sceptical of this view. Are we really to suppose “that the existence of God and the resurrection of Christ are things whose probability can be measured like any other ordinary ‘thing’ in the world”, he wrote, “rather than something much more fundamental which alters our entire view of everything.” In my lecture in honour of John Hughes’ memory, I suggest that all faith is rooted in an experience of God, and that the only way to bring others to faith is by evoking in them a similar experience. Arguments and proofs are beside the point. We must strive to set forth Christ in our lives, as John so evidently did in his.

All proceeds will go towards a memorial for John, who served his curacy in this Parish of St David with St Michael and All Angels from 2005-9, and who tragically died in a car accident in June 2014 while Dean of Jesus College, Cambridge.

John Hughes Memorial Lecture Poster


St Michael and All Angels’ Church, Dinham Road, Mount Dinham, Exeter, EX4 4EB