Feast of the Epiphany

Hosted by: St Michael's Church and Choir

The first major Festival of 2020, the Feast of the Epiphany or the Manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles (as the Book of Common Prayer has it), will be celebrated on Sunday 5th January.

Mass will be sung at 11am and there will be Choral Evensong & Benediction at 6pm as this is the 1st Sunday of the month. (NO Bountiful Table this time.)

Music – Hymns: 50: 47: 52. Mass in F, by Harold Darke (late change from Charles Wood). Whence is that goodly fragrance, arr. Willcocks.

6pm Choral Evensong and Benediction. Responses: Smith. Ps: 98 (&100) Office Hymn: 49. Canticles: Stanford in C. Anthem: Lo! Star-led chiefs, by William Crotch. O salutaris, Tantum Ergo.

Music for 2018 was Hymns: 50 : 47 : 49. Setting: Missa Aeterna Christi Munera, by Palestrina. Motet: There Shall a Star, by Mendelssohn. Evensong – Responses: Radcliffe. Psalm: 98. Office Hymn: 52. Canticles: Gibbons Short Service. Anthem: The Lamb, by John Tavener. O salutaris: 269 Tantum Ergo: 268.

Music for 2017 was Mass in F by Herbert Sumsion. Motet: O God who by the leading of a star, by Thomas Attwood.

Music for 2016 – Setting: Mass in C & F by C V Stanford. Motet: Three Kings from Persian lands afar, by Cornelius. (This marked the Retirement of Fr David Hastings as Hon.Asst.Priest.)

Music for 2015 -  Setting: Mass in E, Harold Darke. Anthem: We Three Kings, Hopkins arr. Alex West.

The Propers (from  www.episcopalnet.org/1928bcp/propers/Missal/Epiphany – a useful resource)

INTROIT. Ecce Advenit. Mal. 3. Behold, he appeareth, the Lord and Ruler: and in his hand the kingdom, and power, and dominion. Ps. 72. Give the King thy judgements, O God: and thy righteousness unto the King’s Son. V. Glory be.

COLLECT. O God, who by the leading of a star didst manifest thy only-begotten Son to the Gentiles: mercifully grant, that we, who know thee now by faith, may after this life have the fruition of thy glorious Godhead. Through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

GRADUAL. Is. 60. All they from Saba shall come, bringing gold and incense, and shall shew forth the praises of the Lord. V. Arise and shine, O Jerusalem: for the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

Alleluia, alleluia. V. St. Matt. 2. We have seen his star in the East, and are come with offerings to worship the Lord. Alleluia.

OFFERTORY. Ps. 72. The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall give presents: the kings of Arabia and Saba shall bring gifts: all kings shall fall down before him, all nations shall do him service.

COMMUNION. St. Matt. 2. We have seen his star in the East, and are come with offerings to worship the Lord.


St Michael and All Angels’ Church, Dinham Road, Mount Dinham, Exeter, EX4 4EB