Sarah Goldingay, ‘Placebo/Performance: Twenty-First Century Adventures in Culture, Medicine and Healing’

7.30 pm, Wednesday 14th May

Dr Sarah Goldingay is an interdisciplinary scholar and a Lecturer and in the Department of Drama at the University of Exeter.  She has twenty years’ experience working as a practitioner in the Arts, in community settings.  She is currently collaborating with Exeter Healthcare Arts on a new garden for dementia patients at the RDE Hospital and exploring new approaches to GP training with Exeter University’s Medical School.   Her current work investigates how performance can help us better understand the change brought about through human-to-human interactions. This is enabled by a close collaboration with academic colleagues in biomedicine, neuropsychology and performance, along with creative practitioners.  She is a regular contributor to BBC radio and has a programme on 21st century miracles in development.  She has written for diverse publications, including a rheumatology textbook and drama journals.  Her book Performance|Placebo: twenty-first century adventures in culture, medicine and healing is in development.


Could the phenomenon we call placebo be the twenty-first century’s secret weapon for living better and living longer?  In this lecture we will examine the evidence for placebo and its effects, and think about how it might help us better understand how we heal ourselves.

Everyone is warmly welcomed to the St Michael’s Lectures and admission is FREE (with a voluntary retiring collection).  They are followed by discussion and light refreshments.  The lectures are held in St. Michael’s Church (Mount Dinham, Dinham Road, Exeter, EX4 4EB) which has a tall spire and is located by the Iron Bridge on North St./St. David’s Hill.  For further information, or to discuss disabled access, contact David Beadle at or visit