Reredos behind the High Altar

While supervising the re-building of St David’s Parish Church in late Gothic revival style, W. D. Caröe was able to oversee the completion of the impressive mosaic and mastic reredos behind the High Altar at St Michael’s, which had been part of the original Rohde Hawkins and Gibbs design.

The reredos is of Bath stone and marble, decorated with figurative portraits of the twelve Apostles. In the centre is a circular mosaic of Our Lord in Glory, with the four Evangelists depicted in the corners.
High Altar - Reredos
The shafts on the chancel are marble, and the roof is painted with angels holding shields of emblems of the Passion. Above the reredos, the east wall is painted in opus sectile, with figures of the prophets, four on either side of the East Window, Jacob (with ladder), Abraham, David, Moses, above, Ezekiel, Daniel (with lion), Elijah, Isaiah, below.

The coloured glass in the fine East Window represents biblical visions of angels.
East Window with Patriarchs and Prophets