Peregrines Progress 2018

Thurs 24 May. Peregrine News from the ‘Ringing Chamber’ below the Spire at St Michael’s is that just shy of 3 weeks old our 2 Peregrine chicks have been ringed (colour rings VF & VG), weighed (680 & 690 grams) and measured (both showing good size and developement) and confirmed as two females again this year – all by licensed handlers & ringers, the only time the nest box is accessed each year.
Our adults. believed to be a 12 year old female and possibly 16 year old male, are raising their 9th brood together in 2018, though Peregrine Falcons have been breeding on St Michael’s Church since 1997 and this year’s chick are the 58th & 59th at the site over the years.
Two eggs hatched this year, on Star Wars Day Fri 4 May & Sat 5 May; the third egg did not hatch and has been removed under license for analysis. After some early quarrelling between the adults over feeding the chicks, they have been more cooperative recently, and the weights & measurements of the chicks at 3 weeks indicates that they are being well fed and developing. The next 3-4 weeks should see them transform form fluffy chicks barely able to move around to fully feathered juveniles ready to fledge the nest box.
2018′s eggs were laid during Holy Week. The first on Palm Sunday 25 March evening at 7pm, the second around 5-6am on the morning of Spy Wednesday 28 Mar, and the third on Good Friday 30 Mar at 5.30pm. So, about 40 hours later than last year, with spacing of about 58 hours and only 3 eggs this year.
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