Non-Breaking News

A week on from the hatching of our three chicks, and the fourth egg is still intact, so we must assume it will not now hatch. The adults are still keeping it close to their young and half-heartedly trying to incubate it, but to no avail.

Photo by RichardBarnes

Female Peregrine feeding 3 chicks; 1 egg unhatched.

The good news is that both adults are hunting well and bringing food regularly for the chicks, at least 4 times a day this week. The female seems to do all of the feeding and, although the most vocal chick usually gets first feed, she is good at ensuring all three get fully fed by the end of each session.

While one chick, possibly a male, is noticeably smaller than the other two, all seem to be feeding and growing well at this stage.

Apart from a 2-hour outage on May Morning when the streaming server had some maintenance, the live webcam footage on St Michael’s Website generously sponsored by Devon Birds has been running uninterrupted for over 3 weeks with intimate viewing of our Peregrine family day and night.

On this Blog, April was a record-breaking month with nearly 1100 views from 360 viewers. It’s also good to see the Young Organists’ Competition post getting some hits – let’s hope we get a few applications too.