Habemus ovum

“We have an egg” was the text that went out from St Michael’s at 9.30am on Thursday 20th March.

Photo from TV monitor - RichardBarnes

First Egg – Thurs 20 March 2014

Pretty much on cue for the vernal equinox, our breeding pair of Peregrine Falcons produced their first egg of the season overnight and it was seen Thursday morning.  They typically lay their clutch of eggs at 48-57 hour intervals and this morning at 9.30am a second egg was visible as one of the birds adjusted position.
Photo from TV monitor - RichardBarnes

Habemus ovum secundum – Sat 22 Mar 2014

As well as being larger, our female is the better hunter, so here at St Michael’s nest duties are shared between both birds. Last year 3 eggs were laid and hatched, so we hope there will be one more to come on Monday.
Photo from TV monitor - RichardBarnes

Keeping the eggs warm

If BT Openreach keep their promise, after much difficulty, delay and extra cost from being a non-served Grade 1 listed building, we should have a broadband line on 9th April and hope finally to stream live pictures from the nest box shortly thereafter.