Bethany Sollereder, “Evolution, Suffering and the Creative Love of God”

The lecture will be at the church at 7.30 pm, Wednesday 12th March.

Bethany Sollereder was born in Edmonton, Canada.  She earned a BA in Intercultural Studies there, then went on to a master’s degree in Theology at Regent College, Vancouver.  Now she is pursuing a PhD at the University of Exeter in Science and Theology, in the Department of Theology and Religion.

ImageIn 1859 Charles Darwin uncovered in The Origin of Species a world that evolves on the basis of natural selection.  It is competitive, violent, and careless of the amount of suffering it produces.  Yet, Christian theologians identify God as the creator of the evolutionary process.  This raises serious theological questions including ‘Why would a good God ordain a process that necessarily involves pain, suffering, and death for so many creatures?’  In this talk, Bethany Sollereder will explore the theological and pastoral implications of evolution, and ground a theology of evolutionary creation in the love of God.

The lectures are OPEN TO ALL and admission is FREE (there is a voluntary retiring collection).  They are followed by discussion and light refreshments.  The lectures are held in St. Michael’s Church (Mount Dinham, Dinham Road, Exeter, EX4 4EB) which has a tall spire and is located by the Iron Bridge on North St./St. David’s Hill.  For further information, or to discuss disabled access, please do not hesitate to contact David Beadle at